Fairy Goblin

I was meaning to post about this pattern before I finished but I got so caught I never got around to it. Here are my little fairy goblins! The pattern is now in the Etsy store.

A collage of images showing three crocheted fairy goblins in green, blue, and purple.

I knew my next project, the dragon, was going to take some time to develop, so I wanted to do this smaller project first. The ears, noses, and wings come in three different versions and are all separate stitched on pieces. This was done so people could customise their goblins’ looks a little. The body has no stitched joins and is a versatile piece … it could easily be adapted into a more conventional fairy or a little doll.


I am moving on to the dragon next. I’ll make sure I post more progress photos for the dragon than I did for these little guys.

Oh, and a quick note — I’ve archived my old patterns from my old blog here. I decided to shut down the old blog because I thought it would be easier, with the new privacy laws and such, to have everything in one place. Let me know if you have questions or if you can’t find anything.

– Kim

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New Blog. New Projects.

Hi. I’m Kim and I design crochet toys.

A few years back, I shared my work on Kim Lapsley Crochets. While I was earning my uni degree (I completed it! Yay!!), my hooks got sidelined and the old blog was severely neglected. Now that I’m designing patterns again, I thought a fresh start was in order. So here it is … welcome to SYLKE CRAFTS!

My crochet aesthetic has changed a little. Goofy and cute were my mainstay when I started sharing patterns and, while I still love those characteristics in crochet design, what I’m most interested in at the moment is creating more realistic crochet toys. Capturing movement and expression is what I’m working towards … I know, it’s a pretty lofty goal.

I’m also trying to design patterns with as few joins as possible. This is a huge challenge for me. It’s driving me a little crazy but I think I can pull it off.

I’m aiming high, people! It’s scary but I’m looking forward to sharing the hits and misses with you.

Profile view of crocheted hare in grey yarn.

Back view of crocheted hare in grey yarn.

My current project is The Hare. I’ve been working on him for a few months. The shape of the legs has turned out well. The shape of the head I think could have been sharper.

For the pattern, I’ve decided to go with a different hook size and yarn weight than what I used in the picture above. I’ll keep tinkering and hopefully I’ll have the pattern ready soon.

I’ll keep you posted.


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