Old Patterns

Free patterns and tutorials from the retired blog Kim Lapsley Crochets (kimlapsley.blogspot.com) have been archived on this page as PDFs. Some of the links in these PDFs may not work. If you have any problems, email

Can you sell items made using these patterns? Yes, but the items must be handcrafted by the seller and accompanied by the following credit (or something similar): Pattern by Kim Lapsley at sylkecrafts.com.

These digital patterns and tutorials are protected by copyright. Do not copy or redistribute for commercial purposes. If you wish to share one of these patterns publicly, provide a direct link to the pattern on this website or to this page. Thank you!


A-C  D-G  H-M  N-Q  R-Z

A – C

Amigurumi Hands

Kim Lapsley Crochets- Baby Fish

Berg the Christmas Elf

Black Cat-Ginger Cat

Buddy the Oddball Little Devil

Buddy’s Angel Costume/Angel Wings

Christmas Kangaroo

The Cranky Angel

D – G


The Easter Bunny and the Googy-eggs

Egmont the Elephant

Egmont’s Umbrella

Ghost Mouse

Goofy Mini Stockings


H – M

Marilyn the Fancy Fish

Micro Pig

Mini Crown

Mini Santa Hat

My Tiny Heart

N – Q

The Oddball Blackbird

The Oddball Mice

The Oddball Mummy

One Inch Mouse

Queen Bee

R – Z

Ruby Gloom Pattern

Shrunken Head Guy

Some Basics on Micro-crochet

The Toilet No. 2


Walter the Blue Fish

Worker Bee

The Worm (from Labyrinth) – Old Version

The Worm (from Labyrinth) – New Version

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