The Dragon Complete

It’s finished! The Dragon pattern is now available in my Etsy Store.

Four images of a crocheted dragon. The red dragon stands on its hind legs, wings oustretched.
The Dragon

I’m nervous. At 54 pages long, it is the biggest pattern I’ve ever written. I’ve spent so much time on it and I am extremely proud of this sleek wyvern. I know it’s a complex pattern but I hope some of you will be up for the challenge.

Eeek! I really hope you like it.


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Dragon Update: Back on Track

I am still working on The Dragon pattern! I promise. I had a complicated move and version three of the Dragon ended up in storage for many weeks. She is out of storage and I am ready to get this lady done!

An unfinished crocheted dragon/wyvern in red.

I have one wing, horns, and some other finer details to finish. There have been some changes in this version. I’ve given the wing more bulk where it joins the body. I got rid of the toes. The way I was making them before, crocheting them on to the foot, was a bit complicated and fiddly. I might stitch on some toes later and see how that looks.

I’ve had some queries about a pattern for a micro dragon I made several years ago. I didn’t write a pattern at the time but I’ve decided I will try to recreate the little guy and write-up a pattern after I finish the larger dragon. It’s been a while since I micro-crocheted so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off … it should be like riding a bike, yes?

Finally, I did have a nice crochet-related surprise during the move. I found these three dudes.

Three crocheted heads arranged diagonally across a white background. At the back is a red demon. In the middle, a blue alien. At the front, a green zombie.
Three crocheted heads sitting in a straight line. To the left, a red demon. In the middle, a blue alien. To the right, a green zombie.

They were adapted from my old Shrunken Head Guy pattern (inspired by Harry the Hunter from Beetlejuice). I don’t remember what I had planned for them but I love them.

Okay, I know, I know. I’ll go finish that dragon.


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Dragon v.2

Here is version two of The Dragon. I think it’s a huge improvement on version one.

Red and orange crocheted dragon. Right-side view.
Red and orange crocheted dragon. Close-up on left side of the face.
Red and orange crocheted dragon. Left-side view. Wings outstretched.
Red and orange crocheted dragon. View of back.

The big changes: I’ve given her a barbed tail, ridges on the back, longer legs, smaller wings, and a sharper face. The main horns are longer, sharper, and slightly curved. I’m much happier with the feet. She sits better on her toes and balances beautifully! The multi-strand steel wire I used for the armature works a treat!

For the third and final version, I want to fill out her behind a little. I think I might also position the wings higher and maybe try to smooth out the transition between the body and the wings. I’m not sure about the smaller horns, either – they are a little flat but that can be fixed by attaching them differently. I’ll experiment.

Side note: I found out that the type of dragon I’m making, one with just a single set of legs, is called a wyvern! It’s a new term for me. I like it.

Version three shouldn’t take as long as version two. I’ll aim to have the pattern ready by late May.


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Dragon v.1

I completed the first version of The Dragon!

Right-side view of crocheted dragon in purple, brown and green.

Close-up on facial details of crocheted dragon.

Crocheted dragon standing on hind legs, wings raised.

I ran out of yarn and just used what I had at hand and that is why she’s a multi-coloured beast. I’ll be using red for the second version, with yellow/gold contrast for the horns and whiskers.

I ran into a few problems with her wire armature. The craft wire I used for the body, tail, and legs was a little weak and not very poseable under the weight of the crochet and stuffing. I ended up using a cheap multi-strand steel wire I found at the hardware store for the wings. This was much sturdier and I’ll be using that for the entire armature of the next dragon.

There are a few things I’ll need to improve on. The feet are a bit awkward, and I think the legs need to be a bit longer and maybe thicker. Also, I’m not so sure about the horns and eyes. Do I need claws on the top tips of the wings? I might try them out and see how it looks.

So there’s still work to be done but I think this was a good start.


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Half a Dragon. Half a Snail.

I’ve been working on the dragon for the past few months. I decided to make it with only wings and hind legs—no forelegs—similar to the dragons from Game of Thrones.

This is how far I’ve come.

Right-side showing head and torso of unfinished crocheted dragon.

Close-up of openings left in unfinished crocheted dragon.

It’ll definitely need a wire armature. For the first time, I’m going to try stainless steel craft wire. I’ll crochet a separate piece for the lower jaw and crochet around the openings at the top to make horns. I’ll crochet around the openings at the back to make the wings. You might be able to make out the skinny haunches there at the bottom of the torso. I’m predicting they’ll be a little tricky and I’m still not sure how I’m going to crochet the wings. Ah well, we’ll see how it goes.

I had to put the dragon aside while I waited for the stainless steel craft wire to arrive and I thought I’d try my hand at a snail. A Giant African Snail to be exact. It turned out to be more difficult than I expected. This is my second attempt at the shell.

View of blue crocheted shell from the top.

View of blue crocheted shell from the side.

Bottom view of blue crocheted shell.

I haven’t quite got the shape right. I’ll come back to it again after the dragon. Eventually, I’d like to work it in colours similar to the real thing.

Okay. Update complete. I hope to have a whole dragon to show you next post.


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Fairy Goblin

I was meaning to post about this pattern before I finished but I got so caught I never got around to it. Here are my little fairy goblins! The pattern is now in the Etsy store.

A collage of images showing three crocheted fairy goblins in green, blue, and purple.

I knew my next project, the dragon, was going to take some time to develop, so I wanted to do this smaller project first. The ears, noses, and wings come in three different versions and are all separate stitched on pieces. This was done so people could customise their goblins’ looks a little. The body has no stitched joins and is a versatile piece … it could easily be adapted into a more conventional fairy or a little doll.


I am moving on to the dragon next. I’ll make sure I post more progress photos for the dragon than I did for these little guys.

Oh, and a quick note — I’ve archived my old patterns from my old blog here. I decided to shut down the old blog because I thought it would be easier, with the new privacy laws and such, to have everything in one place. Let me know if you have questions or if you can’t find anything.

– Kim

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Crocheting Around a Chain

I wanted to share a quick post on crocheting around a chain, a technique I use quite a lot in my work.

I find it’s a quick and easy technique to make oblong shapes. This usually requires crocheting around a longer foundation chain.

An example of crocheting around a chain to make an oblong shape.
An oblong shape created by crocheting around a chain.

Also, I find that crocheting around a small foundation chain of 3 chains is a nice alternative to crocheting in a ring. You get a softer look, avoiding the little belly button you get when crocheting in a ring.

Comparison of crocheting in a ring and crocheting around a chain.
An example of crocheting in a ring on the left and of crocheting around a chain on the right.

For those unfamiliar with the technique, here’s a PDF photo tutorial I’ve put together explaining how to crochet around a chain: sylkecrafts-crocheting-around-chain

Let me know if you have any questions.


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The Hare – Final Prototype

I have finally finished my latest version of The Hare! I’m pretty pleased with him.

Left-side view of crocheted hare.

Let me take you through some of the changes I’ve made. First, instead of using an 8 ply acrylic yarn and a 3.0mm hook, I’ve changed to a thinner recycled cotton and a 2.0mm hook. I decided to use cotton yarn because I read somewhere that it holds its shape better than acrylic yarn and, honestly, I just like the idea of working with a recycled product. He has turned out smaller than the previous hare: the old guy was about 33cm/13in tall and this guy is around 25cm/10in tall.

Right-side view of crocheted hare.

Striving for a more realistic look (the pattern is inspired by the European brown hare), I’ve made a few changes to the shape of the hare. The face is sharper and the neck is less defined. The eyes are larger and have a black outline. I lengthened the back legs and tried to lower the profile of the haunches. The shape of the feet have been slightly changed to give him a more alert look, as though he were raised on his toes, and his ears are a little less sharp at the tips.

Front and back view of crocheted hare.

I’ll be making one more hare so I can take photos for the pattern. I’ll need to make a few minor changes–the front legs, torso, and bottom need to be lengthened slightly–but then I’ll be done!

I’m excited to get this pattern finished.

Almost there …


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New Blog. New Projects.

Hi. I’m Kim and I design crochet toys.

A few years back, I shared my work on Kim Lapsley Crochets. While I was earning my uni degree (I completed it! Yay!!), my hooks got sidelined and the old blog was severely neglected. Now that I’m designing patterns again, I thought a fresh start was in order. So here it is … welcome to SYLKE CRAFTS!

My crochet aesthetic has changed a little. Goofy and cute were my mainstay when I started sharing patterns and, while I still love those characteristics in crochet design, what I’m most interested in at the moment is creating more realistic crochet toys. Capturing movement and expression is what I’m working towards … I know, it’s a pretty lofty goal.

I’m also trying to design patterns with as few joins as possible. This is a huge challenge for me. It’s driving me a little crazy but I think I can pull it off.

I’m aiming high, people! It’s scary but I’m looking forward to sharing the hits and misses with you.

Profile view of crocheted hare in grey yarn.

Back view of crocheted hare in grey yarn.

My current project is The Hare. I’ve been working on him for a few months. The shape of the legs has turned out well. The shape of the head I think could have been sharper.

For the pattern, I’ve decided to go with a different hook size and yarn weight than what I used in the picture above. I’ll keep tinkering and hopefully I’ll have the pattern ready soon.

I’ll keep you posted.


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