My passion for crochet started in my mid-twenties. Somehow or another, I found out you could crochet toys and not just scarves. With a ball of yarn, a hook, and the mighty single crochet, I suddenly had the power to create!

Since then I’ve crocheted all types of toys and figures: the tiny, the goofy, the bad, the nerdy, the mediocre, the odd … what I enjoy most now is the challenge of crocheting realistic creatures.

I’m working towards building a catalogue of patterns and will be sharing my progress on the SYLKE CRAFT’s blog. Follow along and celebrate my crochet victories or–if it’s more your style–revel in my disasters! Most of all, enjoy.


Have we met before? A few years back I shared my work on the blog Kim Lapsley Crochets. The patterns and tutorials from that blog have been archived on this website.