Dragon Update: Back on Track

I am still working on The Dragon pattern! I promise. I had a complicated move and version three of the Dragon ended up in storage for many weeks. She is out of storage and I am ready to get this lady done!

An unfinished crocheted dragon/wyvern in red.

I have one wing, horns, and some other finer details to finish. There have been some changes in this version. I’ve given the wing more bulk where it joins the body. I got rid of the toes. The way I was making them before, crocheting them on to the foot, was a bit complicated and fiddly. I might stitch on some toes later and see how that looks.

I’ve had some queries about a pattern for a micro dragon I made several years ago. I didn’t write a pattern at the time but I’ve decided I will try to recreate the little guy and write-up a pattern after I finish the larger dragon. It’s been a while since I micro-crocheted so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off … it should be like riding a bike, yes?

Finally, I did have a nice crochet-related surprise during the move. I found these three dudes.

Three crocheted heads arranged diagonally across a white background. At the back is a red demon. In the middle, a blue alien. At the front, a green zombie.
Three crocheted heads sitting in a straight line. To the left, a red demon. In the middle, a blue alien. To the right, a green zombie.

They were adapted from my old Shrunken Head Guy pattern (inspired by Harry the Hunter from Beetlejuice). I don’t remember what I had planned for them but I love them.

Okay, I know, I know. I’ll go finish that dragon.


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