Dragon v.2

Here is version two of The Dragon. I think it’s a huge improvement on version one.

Red and orange crocheted dragon. Right-side view.
Red and orange crocheted dragon. Close-up on left side of the face.
Red and orange crocheted dragon. Left-side view. Wings outstretched.
Red and orange crocheted dragon. View of back.

The big changes: I’ve given her a barbed tail, ridges on the back, longer legs, smaller wings, and a sharper face. The main horns are longer, sharper, and slightly curved. I’m much happier with the feet. She sits better on her toes and balances beautifully! The multi-strand steel wire I used for the armature works a treat!

For the third and final version, I want to fill out her behind a little. I think I might also position the wings higher and maybe try to smooth out the transition between the body and the wings. I’m not sure about the smaller horns, either – they are a little flat but that can be fixed by attaching them differently. I’ll experiment.

Side note: I found out that the type of dragon I’m making, one with just a single set of legs, is called a wyvern! It’s a new term for me. I like it.

Version three shouldn’t take as long as version two. I’ll aim to have the pattern ready by late May.


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