Dragon v.1

I completed the first version of The Dragon!

Right-side view of crocheted dragon in purple, brown and green.

Close-up on facial details of crocheted dragon.

Crocheted dragon standing on hind legs, wings raised.

I ran out of yarn and just used what I had at hand and that is why she’s a multi-coloured beast. I’ll be using red for the second version, with yellow/gold contrast for the horns and whiskers.

I ran into a few problems with her wire armature. The craft wire I used for the body, tail, and legs was a little weak and not very poseable under the weight of the crochet and stuffing. I ended up using a cheap multi-strand steel wire I found at the hardware store for the wings. This was much sturdier and I’ll be using that for the entire armature of the next dragon.

There are a few things I’ll need to improve on. The feet are a bit awkward, and I think the legs need to be a bit longer and maybe thicker. Also, I’m not so sure about the horns and eyes. Do I need claws on the top tips of the wings? I might try them out and see how it looks.

So there’s still work to be done but I think this was a good start.


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