Crocheting Around a Chain

I wanted to share a quick post on crocheting around a chain, a technique I use quite a lot in my work.

I find it’s a quick and easy technique to make oblong shapes. This usually requires crocheting around a longer foundation chain.

An example of crocheting around a chain to make an oblong shape.
An oblong shape created by crocheting around a chain.

Also, I find that crocheting around a small foundation chain of 3 chains is a nice alternative to crocheting in a ring. You get a softer look, avoiding the little belly button you get when crocheting in a ring.

Comparison of crocheting in a ring and crocheting around a chain.
An example of crocheting in a ring on the left and of crocheting around a chain on the right.

For those unfamiliar with the technique, here’s a PDF photo tutorial I’ve put together explaining how to crochet around a chain: sylkecrafts-crocheting-around-chain

Let me know if you have any questions.


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