The Hare – Final Prototype

I have finally finished my latest version of The Hare! I’m pretty pleased with him.

Left-side view of crocheted hare.

Let me take you through some of the changes I’ve made. First, instead of using an 8 ply acrylic yarn and a 3.0mm hook, I’ve changed to a thinner recycled cotton and a 2.0mm hook. I decided to use cotton yarn because I read somewhere that it holds its shape better than acrylic yarn and, honestly, I just like the idea of working with a recycled product. He has turned out smaller than the previous hare: the old guy was about 33cm/13in tall and this guy is around 25cm/10in tall.

Right-side view of crocheted hare.

Striving for a more realistic look (the pattern is inspired by the European brown hare), I’ve made a few changes to the shape of the hare. The face is sharper and the neck is less defined. The eyes are larger and have a black outline. I lengthened the back legs and tried to lower the profile of the haunches. The shape of the feet have been slightly changed to give him a more alert look, as though he were raised on his toes, and his ears are a little less sharp at the tips.

Front and back view of crocheted hare.

I’ll be making one more hare so I can take photos for the pattern. I’ll need to make a few minor changes–the front legs, torso, and bottom need to be lengthened slightly–but then I’ll be done!

I’m excited to get this pattern finished.

Almost there …


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